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Adapted from the same patented delivery system as the AGROJET ®, for human use. MIT’s injectors are designed for intra-dermal, subcutaneous and intra-muscular injections. Like the AGRO-JET®, the vaccine or medication being injected with the MED-JET® is directed through a small orifice 7 times smaller than the smallest available needle in the world. This extremely small stream of liquid under pressure will pierce the skin and then the remainder of the dose will be dispersed into the desired layer of tissue. The system's uniqueness is its ability to utilize low pressure delivery methods without compromising accuracy, convenience and ease of use - while ensuring patient comfort, environmental safety and user affordability.

The MED-JET®offers a range of features:

  • More than 300 injections per hour
  • Dose of 0.1 to 1cc (H-III) and 0.02 to 0.3 MBX
  • Weight of 0.7 Kg
  • Accuracy at 99 % at a dose of 1cc
  • Robust; can easily last over 10 years
  • Variable injection pressure for patient comfort
  • Adapter for receiving syringes