Syringe without needle? Jet Injectors from MIT Canada

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Replace syringe with a needle free jet injector. MIT Canada specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of jet injectors for veterinary (AGRO-JET) and human (MED-JET) applications. The vaccine or medication being injected with the Jet Injector is directed through a small orifice 7 times smaller than the smallest available syringe needle in the world. Reinventing the art and science of injecting medication and vaccine.


Enter MIT Canada - Needle Free Jet Injectors

This extremely small stream of liquid under pressure will pierce the skin and then the remainder of the dose will be dispersed into the desired layer of tissue. The system's uniqueness is its ability to utilize low pressure delivery methods without compromising accuracy, convenience and ease of use - while ensuring patient comfort, environmental safety and user affordability. Best alternative to medical syringe type.
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Syringe definition : An instrument for injecting or withdrawing liquids into body tissues.

Syringe without needle for humans of pets. A state of the art, safe, fast, reliable, accurate and simple way to inject medicine.